How to find happiness |

How to find happiness

I partied as a teen with beer with my best friend — no hard liquor or hard drugs. My parents stayed together “for the kids” and his parents had divorced. But we had fun and back then it was acceptable — police would point us (we had a few beers each) in the direction of home if they pulled us over late at night.

Around 19 years old I tried to find myself in spirituality, so I stopped all foreign substances into my body.

Young people must somehow understand how to appreciate and honor nature and themselves, as we come from the natural world. Unfortunately parents nor schools hold this wisdom, so it is up to the teens to try to discover this information. Parents cannot blame other parents for their child’s misbehavior if they’re raised properly.

I went to the traditional indigenous Lakota Sioux American Indian people to find out who and what I was. That is a human being who comes from and shall return to our sacred Grandmother Earth after a beautiful 112 years of human existence.

We are made of rock and water, sun and moon rays. Honor and thank these and you will always be content. Only we can think we are having a bad day or think to blame god for our troubles.

Listen to the birds; marvel at the clouds that bring the snow and rain that gives life.

Einstein was wrong — get to the heart instead of the mind to find true freedom and happiness.

Scott Barta