How to ease traffic in and out of Aspen |

How to ease traffic in and out of Aspen

Regarding Patrick Hunter’s letter on Aug 4, he made many good points (“Aspen has a world-class lack of common sense,” The Aspen Times):

1) The roundabout is in pretty good condition right now. Is this the best time to create chaos when it could be postponed to better days or a better plan? What about an underpass for Highway 82 traffic?

2) The worst traffic light intersections are at Buttermilk followed 100 yards later at Burlingame. They are not coordinated to coincide when red or when green. A big bottleneck. This is also where the eastbound road shrinks to one lane [plus one bus lane.

3) Why remove the traffic light at the Sinclair gas station at Aspen Village and at Old Snowmass Creek Road, and it replace with blinking yellow lights; these two intersections are extremely low volume and one incoming car can halt dozens of cars on Highway 82.

The major traffic lights affecting the commuter traffic are Brush Creek/Snowmass Village, the main Basalt intersection, Willits, El Jebel, Catherine Store. What if all of those traffic lights were coordinated to be green for a car going 55 mph all the way! Side traffic should never have priority over 82 traffic.

Patrick Hunter is correct in his conclusions: There are too many cars! This cannot be changed with a new better roundabout at Castle Creek. Hunter has good ideas to implement during construction to upgrade roundabout.

And finally, as was true the other day, have people manage the traffic flow during rush hours and turn off the traffic lights. It was a beautiful thing to see and experience.

And how would a new bridge at the entrance to Aspen help traffic flow? That new bridge, if even possible, would only move the traffic jam to Main Street in both directions!

The bus lanes are being underutilized. Why? The buses may handle 10 percent all people coming and going yet have 50% of the highway. Doesn’t make sense.

Alex Sarratt

Aspen and Wilson, North Carolina

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