How to drive away Aspen-bound motorists

I read with interest the mayoral candidates’ comments on traffic congestion in Aspen (“Aspen mayoral candidates offer ideas on transportation,” Feb. 7, The Aspen Times).

The solution to the problem is obvious and is based on long-settled science. Just as we shouldn’t ignore climate science (which all candidates presumably agree), we shouldn’t ignore tried and true science in solving this problem.

The sciences we’re talking about are economics and civil engineering (OK, maybe they’re not official sciences, but bear with me). Economics says increase the cost of commuting into Aspen and civil engineering says straighten the S-curve and add pavement. Make non-residents pay to enter the city using license plate readers to monitor and collect payment and use the money to pay for straightening the S-curve. The added fee will drive people to ride the bus and the straightening will reduce the slinky effect that slows traffic down.

City planners proposed using incentives to get people out of cars next summer in the aborted mobility lab effort — this fee is merely a negative incentive.

Jake Brace