How Skippy got out of his jam

During the season of the Croissant Child and the eight nights of Challah, one of Aspen’s City Council sandwich spreads, known as Skippy Smooth, suddenly revealed his Skippy Nuts.

He tweeted of the often spicy and biting Rye Slices, Sourdough Loafs and Multigrain Rolls that weren’t as calm, considerate and complacent as the Wonder Bread he liked more.

Fortunately, mayor Jif, and fellow council slices Bob Agnoush, Al Mondbutter and Cash Ewbutter warmed Skippy enough so he could see his errors.

The spicier, often less palatable visitors brought more bread to town, they said.

They paid for the Music, the Art, the Theater, the Ballet and so on and so on. We didn’t have to all like it, but all the spreads stuck together for years and years and that’s how Aspen survived the seasons of the silly loafs.

And thus was avoided the Great Peanut Butter Recall.

Tim Reed