How much Trump treason does it take? |

How much Trump treason does it take?

In light of some recent disclosures about White House actions, I am terribly worried we are now seeing activity that borders on, or exceeds, the laws against treason. Need we be concerned that our government is selling us out to our enemies?

Trump has aided Russia by at least the following: abandoning Syria territory to the Turks and Russians; denying Russian interference in our 2016 election; working to make that interference into Ukrainian interference; blowing up hopes for peace by withdrawing sanctions against Israel; helping Russia foster confusion and distrust by pushing the story without evidence about the Bidens in Ukraine; ignoring Russian actions to destabilize the U.S.; ignoring Giuliani’s use of two Russian agents to further Russian interests; undercutting NATO; flaunting international efforts to control climate change; getting cozy with Turkey when it violates its NATO obligations; openly criticizing and undercutting our own security personnel; etc.

And he has also deeply hurt our country by, among other things, making love to North Korea in conflict with South Korea and Japan; imposing tariffs that create worse relations with China and other countries; undercutting allies across the world; denigrating the European Union; taking actions that signal we cannot be trusted to honor our treaties; etc.

As many House impeachment hearing witnesses have said, such actions further Russian interests at our expense, and create distrust and confusion within our own country, sapping our energies to protect ourselves from Russian aggressiveness.

At what point do we conclude that the actions of the White House amount to treason? Must we suffer a devastation like Sept. 11? Must we have an economic meltdown? What is critical is that we act now to protect ourselves — all of us — from our enemies. It is quite apparent that Trump and his cohorts have demonstrated beyond question that our nation and our government system are in danger of just such attacks, and that amounts to flat-out treason.

Parker Maddux