How immigration impacts climate change |

How immigration impacts climate change

Many people want both open borders and are very concerned about man-made climate change.

However, according to Science Daily, the average American has a carbon footprint each year of 20 metric tons, which compares with a world average of 4 tons each person. Mexicans have a footprint of 4, Guatemalans and Hondurans 2, and they don’t bring their footprints with them! Even people who live modestly in the U.S. still have a footprint of more than 8.5 tons.

So, how does it make sense to encourage immigration?

In my search for the logic of this I found World Population Balance, which projects that at the rate of growth we now have in the U.S., our population will double in 100 years. We have 326.5 millino people in the U.S. now. So, in 100 years it will be 653 million; half of the growth is projected immigration.

Europeans have a footprint of 6; if we want to live like Europeans we would need to reduce our population to 150 million.

Hillary Clinton was in China recently pushing for women’s rights and to drop the one-child policy. Their footprint is now 7. What will it be if they double their population? Global warming/climate change discussion has been around for many years, I remember my father calling me an alarmist, and our thinking in the ’70s was to only have one child or no children to advert the population bomb. Had Hillary forgotten?

Seems to me that our best bet to save the world is to join the Peace Corps and help others live better where they are.

Donna Thompson


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