How about some common sense gun laws?

I don’t want your guns. Or at least, I don’t want your hunting rifles or handguns. Your assault weapons should never have been considered guns, and I want them banned. I do want every gun owner to register their guns, take a safety course, store them unloaded in locked cabinets. I want all gun owners to go through background checks, and anyone with a history of domestic violence or a felony should not be able to own a gun.

And yes, of course, we should be putting more money into treating mental health in this country. But that isn’t enough. And yes, we need massive education on the effects of violent games and programming, and parents to intervene. And yes, we need a president who doesn’t espouse hatred and laugh at jokes about shooting immigrants. But that isn’t enough. We also need common sense gun laws.

If you love the Second Amendment, then you’d better come up with something that works. Because us leftist, pinko, Communist snowflakes (and whatever other insults you choose to call me) have had enough!

Peter Westcott