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Housing not appropriate for Pan and Fork

In a letter (June 6, 2018) Steve Chase argues that we should help the present developer massage his plan for the river park in Basalt. I agree. We should start with massaging out of the plan high-end housing. Less than 7 percent of the residents of Basalt wanted housing on this park. Row housing, or any other type of housing, is going to be purchased mostly by people who will only be part-time residents escaping from the climate at their current residence. That kind of residential belongs in the center of town in a place like Clark’s Market, not where low-income people were ousted.

What should happen in the park? Set aside 1⁄3 acre for non-profits, perhaps even to include Town Hall, and develop another 1⁄3 acre for commercial activities. I can massage this plan but opening up the park from Two Rivers Road is essential. Every time I drive over the Midland Bridge I see people walking up and down the path next to the river or sitting on the bench by the river. Imagine the activity there if access is improved and even simple amenities such as shade and picnic areas are added.

Gerry Terwilliger