House doesn’t live up to stringent APCHA requirements |

House doesn’t live up to stringent APCHA requirements

On Aug. 18 I received a call that I won the 150 Woody Creek house through the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority. I cried! When I called back, I was requested to schedule a house visit for that day. After the women heard my excitement she kindly warned me “this is an old mobile home.” I replied, “I’ve already bought an old and unlivable home before, that’s totally fine.’” But I quickly learned that dilapidated and structural damage are two different things. The house should be condemned. Not only would carpets and windows need to be replaced, but the ceiling is caving in and is being held up by a wooden beam and metal rod.

How on Earth does this meet APCHA housing requirements? Are there no standards for the owner and for their house? Clearly there must be, as there are heavy standards placed on the applicants each year.

After realizing the house would need to be re-moved after the purchase of $241,000, I would most likely incur additional fees for removal of asbestos. Then, I would need to buy a home. At this point I would be paying over the value of the home, which I am told is $507,000 (granted, if the current category remains; I was told it should be listed at category 2).

If I could make this happen, I would be able to buy free market. I am positive that this process is not the APCHA mission. I honestly cannot believe that APCHA would not govern these things better. I do take ownership in me not going to the open house — I work every Wednesday evening so that will never be a possibility, and quite frankly I feel I should be able to trust APCHA to do right by their applicants.

I am unsure of what lender would support a loan for this and feel badly for any person who thinks that this home is acceptable or this process is acceptable.

I truly believe that APCHA is doing the best they can, but I genuinely hope this letter will inspire change for the better. I look forward to the day I win again and can rejoice in my excitement, as every other applicant should, too.

Christina King