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Honoring Art Daily

Today marks one year since Art Daily’s death. I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your love and care during this year. You have all showed up in such beautiful and meaningful ways and I can never say thank you enough.

During this time in our world (a pandemic and division on many levels) there is nothing like grief to teach you that what is most important is love and connection. Art’s death has shown me what an amazingly special community we live it. We are so blessed to live in this spectacular place that he loved so deeply. Beyond the physical beauty, there are deep roots here. For me, these roots are filled with people who show up and have your back; they are roots of compassion and grit that remind me why I live and work here. These roots (all of you) have wrapped your arms around me emotionally and have taken such good care of me. Thank you.

Today, in Art’s honor and memory, please take a moment to stop and just be thankful for where you live and who you hold close.

With deep gratitude to this community,

Allison Daily