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Honorable honesty

With respect to Roger Marolt’s column concerning “shrunken testicles in sports”: Some years ago I chanced upon an Olympic philosophy/code that read: “Ask not alone for victory, ask for courage. For if you can endure, you not only bring honor to yourself, you bring honor to us all.” (“The reality of shattered dreams, shrunken testicles in sports,” commentary, Feb. 18, The Aspen Times)

Thoreau observed that “What you get for following your dreams is less than what you become.” Experience shows us that “what you get” can always be lost or stolen, but what you become is always yours, under all circumstances.

Oscar Wilde opined that: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” The Olympics should aspire to such a celestial perception.

If truth, as Mr. Marolt suggests, is of primary concern, then perhaps these observations might expand the understanding of it and invigorate the potency of those who have “shrunken” under pressure.

Bill Parish