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Homicide by COVID-19

The death tole from COVID-19 keeps rising. One-hundred and fifty-six people died in Florida on July 16, 129 in Texas, 58 in Arizona, and 118 in California. Colorado is lucky; only one person died July 16.

One or two of those who died were probably health workers. Kaiser Health reports that nearly 600 health-care workers had died from the disease as of July 6.

Sadly, some of the health-care workers who died contracted the disease from a patient who refused to wear a mask. No doubt, more health-care workers will contract the disease from someone who refused to wear a mask or socially distance because they did not believe COVID-19 was a threat.

These health-care workers who are infected by the deniers — as well as other innocent individuals who are also infected — have been murdered by the carriers of the disease. They are victims of homicide by COVID-19. The spreaders, if they can be identified, should be prosecuted.

Philip Verleger