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Homelessness troubling for teens, community

I want to take a moment to share some of the effects that homelessness has on children. First of all, they might not be able to attend school. And if they are, they start falling behind because they might not have a safe place to do normal things like homework. They are four times as delayed as non-homeless children. They get suspended twice as much. It also has negative effects on their IQ.

Second, homelessness negatively affects their health. They have three times as much of a chance of a respiratory infection or stomach bugs, four times as many emergency hospitalizations and twice as much chance of asthma infection.

Third of all, homeless kids are maltreated due to poverty. And these homeless kids often witness violence. This destroys their sense of self. These children experience traumatic and stressful events every day. One in three homeless children gets separated from their families.

Finally, these are the reasons kids are homeless, and why it causes these effects. They could be runaways, but they mostly become homeless because of their parents. Their parents usually live on minimum wage. They could have health problems, be drug addicts, or alcoholics and that can add up to a lot. Homelessness causes these effects because they are exposed to illnesses and can’t afford medical bills. They have to work a lot to help their parents and barely have enough food. And both of those things combined get in the way of school.

Please support the homeless by donating to help and contacting these organizations.

Homeless shelter: http://aspensafetynet.org

Lift-Up: https://www.liftup.org

Marilyn Luspin