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Homeless could use some help

Hello, my name is Vince, and I have made Aspen my home. Over the past several years, I have witnessed many things that are so good and some bad. Get the full story at homeless-in-aspen.yolasite.com

Thank you to all that helped the poor of Aspen at the encampment (intercept lot). Thank you so much to the family on the hill overlooking the camp who brought us a hot pot of homemade chicken and dumplings. Thanks to everyone who helped to protect the lives of the locals staying in the camp.

Update: The camp ended. With the night shelter closed, some received emergency housing in hotels downvalley. The funding for the hotels dried up and now many of those who lost hotel rooms gathered in an RV and were told to move. In this wealthy county and city, there is not one single government building open at night.

Housing: Over the past years I have lost several friends including Mary, Stephany, Scotty, Mac, Tim Henry and Wayne, who died in the camp. We carried Wayne out of the snow. The next morning, he was found with his foot sticking out of the vehicle and he was solid from the foot to the waste.

Housing: Preventing future victims. In order to protect life, a safe place to sleep is a necessity. We have a housing shortage in Aspen often due to the outsourcing of the local jobs and housing. Marolt Ranch housing, for example, was originally intended for medium- and low-income, long-term residents. The companies outsource and recruit workers from around the world (visas) who are privileged to be here, so they will not complain when they have to work in hostile environments for low wages.

Thank you.

Vince Thomas