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Holy Cross Energy invested in new power

Environmentalists like me have long argued for utility scale renewable energy. Historically, it was a trade off — yes, solar and wind power gets you cleaner air and less carbon pollution, but at a premium. Today, things have changed. The cheapest sources of new power are now wind and solar — cheaper than coal and even cheaper than natural gas. That means the most fiscally conservative path an electric utility could take is to invest heavily in renewable energy (and energy efficiency) to keep rates low for customers. This is precisely what our local utility, Holy Cross Energy, has done. It provides 39 percent clean power reliably and at some of the lowest rates in the nation. But this didn’t just happen. The board of directors led the way. I hope you will join me in ensuring continued progress by voting for Adam Palmer and Kristen Bertuglia. Holy Cross members will receive mail in ballots in the next few days.

Chris Lane