Hobson’s choice

In June, when the Aspen Music Festival and School started selling tickets, patrons were given the option of sitting side by side in vaccinated sections or socially distant in unvaccinated sections. Masks were not required at all. What seemed like a reasonable plan then is now unreasonable. Conditions have radically changed and the AMFS has not exhibited any flexibility. Seats cannot be exchanged or switched, despite huge areas in the tent that are vacated.

Case in point, when I moved out of my “vaccinated seat” surrounded by people not wearing masks to a totally vacant row partially marked with stickers “unavailable seat,” I was told to return to my assigned seat or leave. Given that “choice,” I left the tent and will not return for the rest of the concert season. The AMFS can resell my tickets in section 600. Risk COVID for the privilege of sitting and listening in the tent: no thank you.

Neil Siegel