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Higher standards for education

I am grateful to the 350-plus signatories of Frieda Wallison’s letter to the Colorado Department of Education, as it spurred me to read the recommendations (“Emphasize unity, not solely division,” Feb. 3, The Aspen Times).

These are some of the stated activities and goals of the proposed sixth grade standards for history and geography:

— “Examine the presentation of facts v. opinions in a text to evaluate its reliability.”

— “Investigate the historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas, and themes within regions of the Western Hemisphere and their relationships with one another.”

— “Gather, organize, synthesize and critique information to determine if it is sufficient to answer historical questions from multiple perspectives. For example: Indigenous People, Latinos, Africa Americans, Asian Americans; LGBTQ+ and religious minorities”.

— “Community Member: Civic Engagement, Global and Cultural Awareness”

— “Communicator: Interpersonal Communication; Media Digital and Data Literacy

— “Problem Solver: Critical Thinking and Analysis; Adaptability and Flexibility”

Perhaps if these standards are accepted, we will have a more informed and compassionate population with much-needed ability to think for themselves and determine misinformation. Interested individuals are invited to read through the proposed standards at cde.state.co.us.

Cathy Click