High and mighty hypocritical

My response (“Naval gazing,” letters, July 12, The Aspen Times) was meant to give Tom a chance to self-reflect on his delivery, which was painfully self-righteous and smug. Clearly, I’ve failed, and he decided to deflect (“Are you an environmentalist?” letters, July 13, AT).

I’ll give it one more shot speaking thespian: In this post-2020 tragic comedy, I play the role of the guy who asks questions rooted in logic and reason. Imagine a stage filled with snobbish hypocritical characters drinking coffee, talking about how smart they are and how if their policies were put in place wars would end, the planet would cool and all around the world would be prosperity and happiness. Just think of a table at the recent Aspen Groupthink Fest or Davos on stage.

Over in the corner is the character who thinks this inner circle is out of touch with reality in their echo chamber and dares to question some of the logistics of these master plans. For example: How will Dutch farmers react to environmental policies that crush their livelihoods? His views are dismissed because at this table they have determined all their opinions are “truth” based on research from pre-approved sources. 

At first, the audience looks at the elitist table (think bureaucrats, academics and planners) and thinks, ‘”Wow what an enlightened group they all are,” but as the play unfolds, the audience begins to see that the environmentalist policies are more “rules for thee, but not for me.” The audience begins to ask (internally) similar questions as my character, like maybe more considerations should be put on the economic and human repercussions of these policies? Or why would “environmentalists” globe trot in private jets or buy beachfront mansions?

And while tempting, a voluntary root canal sounds more appealing than being lectured “nonstop for hours.” I prefer a beer with rigorous, enlightening debate based on original thought rather than coffee and a regurgitation of information. I’m sure your loyal 90% would be more than willing to sit down and be lectured. As for me, I’ll continue being that character in the corner of the stage watching the table implode when the audience finally wakes up to their hypocrisy.

Chase McWhorter