Hey, cyclists, a little heads up would be nice

Hey, cyclists, a little heads up would be nice

There seems to be a new game for cyclists using the Rio Grande Trail. It is called :Scare the unsuspecting pedestrian then yell at them for being in the way.” Last I looked pedestrians have right of way on this trail — maybe these cyclists are simply going too fast to read the signs?

When I ride my bike on the trail I see many pedestrians who may be walking their dogs, listening to music, pushing baby strollers, chatting, etc. Because it is the rule and also I do not want a collision I always:


2. Alert the pedestrian(s) by ringing my bike bell;

3. Call out if they still seem unaware of my approach;

4. Stop if necessary;

5. Thank them as I pass.

When I am walking my leashed dog there will always be at least one cyclist who silently approaches from behind at maximum speed then yells at me while heading into the distance. Believe me, if I know you are coming I will get off the trail if need be as I do not want myself or my dog injured! Just please let me know that you are approaching.

Bronwyna Anglin