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Heroes don’t cheat

Duty. Honor. Country. How many military and law enforcement personnel have served (and died) following these three words?

A new version of an old saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me seven times, shame on me. For a former Tour de France racer who recently made this following statement tells me has not changed one bit and never will, and obviously has no regrets: “We did what we had to win. It wasn’t legal, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Roger, you missed the boat on your commentary (“Time to wave the white flag and give back the yellow jerseys,” Roger Marolt, July 11, aspentimes.com). How many things are wrong with that statement? And how are you going to explain that white flag mentality to the upcoming generation of kids and athletes? Cheating and dishonesty are just that, but in this case, seven times over.

I have two role models for your Tour figure to try and follow, and I wish him luck. Kirstie Ennis (USMC) and US Army Ranger Pat Tillman. Those two are my heroes!

No white flag waving here, just Old Glory, pure red, white and blue!

Dan Glidden