Here’s why I am for Torre |

Here’s why I am for Torre

Torre was the first person I met when I moved with my family to Aspen. He was standing in the middle of the road up by the high school waving a sign and cheering cyclist on during the Ride for the Cure. He gave each of us a sign and suddenly we were members of the community. That’s who Torre is.

Torre also lives right smack in the center of Aspen in an affordable-housing unit which is the perfect place for our mayor to live.

He’s been a favorite Aspen son for 24 years and served on City Council for eight years. He knows, understands and loves this town. His enthusiasm and participation in everything Aspen is unparalleled. Living in town he knows all the local businesses and all of us just plain locals. Torre is smart, friendly, committed and would surely be a stupendous mayor for Aspen!

Make sure you vote for Torre.

Wendy Zaharko