Here comes the woke mob

Given how predictable the liberal letter to the editor writers have become, I think it makes sense to do everyone a favor and preemptively write about Lauren Boebert speaking at Cornerstone (she is speaking tomorrow as of this writing June 25). Here are some brief examples of what to expect in the days following:

1. “Cornerstone is full of right-wing nutjob deplorables!”
2. “Cornerstone should lose its tax-exempt status because it engages in political discussions!”
3. “We need civility in our valley and country and the Boebert/Cornerstone crew is ruining that!”

I’m sure others will come pouring in, but it will likely stem from these same core ideas given the limited original thought coming from our liberal friends these days. It’s almost as if the left has a cheatsheet similar to our president to stay on message, or maybe they are just being coached up by war hawk neocons from the early 2000s.

We all need to remember foundational to modern-day leftist ideology is subjective emotion rather than objective truth. This is how you can scream about how violent the right is as cities burn all through 2020. This is how you can claim to want peace while supporting war in Ukraine. This is how you can convey being enlightened, yet incapable of even engaging in any sort of debate or discussion. 

To Cornerstone and anyone other conservative or moderate persons: Never forget that according to the “tolerant” left you are only free to engage in American society if you have a pre-approved message. Because nothing screams tolerance like demanding, through threat of violence, that others must shut up unless they declare allegiance to the woke mob and “the latest thing” mainstream news tells you to support.

Chase McWhorter