Here comes the money |

Here comes the money

We all knew it was coming, the deluge of advertising from oil and gas opposing Colorado Rising’s and 350 Colorado’s Initiative 97 increasing the setbacks for drilling and fracking for health and safety reasons.

What does it tell you when one side of an issue can afford television commercials and full-page ads in newspapers while the other side can only counter with enthusiastic volunteer-petition circulator’s and letters to the editor? It’s big money against a grassroots movement all over again. Let’s not let big money win this time.

The advertising focuses on loss of jobs and state revenue. Jobs are important, but what good is a job if you’re too sick to show up for work? Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation.

As for the revenue, if our state’s economic health is tied to a fast-fading industry like fossil fuels, we’re in big trouble, anyway. We’d be better off turning to the old standby, tourism, or renewable agricultural products, like hemp for oil.

The funniest part of the TV ads is when they accuse us of “strong-arm tactics” in circulating our petitions. I’m trying to imagine our petite women, who make up the majority of our circulator’s, strong arming anyone. I’m a full-grown man and I won’t even argue with someone who doesn’t want to sign the petition.

Fred Malo Jr.