Here come the e-skiers

Recently I read on a tech site about an exciting new ski startup that is aiming to partner their breakthrough technology with Tesla and Google. They’re scheduling an IPO sale under the NASDAQ symbol EZSKI in March. But the innovative product will not be available until the 2024 ski season.

Sources say an LLC in Texas is funding two young local entrepreneurs from Florida who formed the EZ Ski Corp. Essentially they’ve adapted self-driving technology into a pair of skis and the heels of ski boots, synchronized through embedded chips. The recoil-like motion inserted in the boot heels operates through GPS and opposing magnetism.

This ski assist technology for the well-heeled reads micro-changing GPS coordinates using the EZ Ski Corp subscription phone app, available with the purchase of the EZ ski-boot-binding package, called Extreme E-ski. Along with aerodynamic boot-bindings, the innovative oval-shaped E-skis with personalized graphics will start at $32,000 and include a QR code to activate.

The first EZ ski center — a prototype for other ski areas — will locate in the new Gorsuch project that is redeveloping the 1A-side of Aspen Mountain. Marketing to people who couldn’t ski without the new technology will add E-skiers to the west side of Aspen Mountain and fill intermediate terrain in the new Pandora’s expansion. Continuous shuttles will run between the EZ center at the top of Aspen Street and the other ski mountains.

Nothing since the addition of snowboards has more potential to raise skier visits, generate more short-term rentals, fill restaurants, stimulate rents for essential haberdashers, sell real estate, and create more commuting jobs. Hopefully the chamber of commerce and local columnists such as Lo and Roger will promote EZ’s breakthrough technology.

Tim Cooney