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Hempy holidays to all

The Colorado Hemp Education Association, CHEA, would like to wish everyone happy holidays. 2019 was historic. For the first time in over half a century, American farmers could finally grow industrial hemp again. A big step forward, but now we need the processing, and manufacturing infrastructure to turn all parts of this plant into thousands of products, replacing fossil fuel based plastics, toxic building materials, synthetic fabrics, harmful chemicals, etc., etc. Time’s a wasting. All hands on deck.

That includes our government. With the recent introduction of the new, “Hemp For Victory Act” by U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), we just may have that federal support. This important act lays a solid foundation for the emerging hemp industry.

Please, everyone, go to VoteHemp.com and sign their letter to Congress. Americans are just beginning to realize that hemp heals people. But we still don’t have a clue about this plant’s capability to actually restore health and balance to our ecosystem.

Yes, it’s true. Hemp can heal the planet too! Any serious discussion about climate change must include massively utilizing this plant as an integral part of the solution. The spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s words that “hemp is of utmost necessity to the wealth and protection of the country” needs to ring loud and clear in the ears of today’s politicians.

So, go to VoteHemp.com to e-sign their letter, and look for (and ask for) hemp products wherever you shop. If we all do a little it will mean a lot. A big thanks to everyone who supported us this year, including Dr. Bonners Soap, Hemp History Week, and all the good people who put on the Aspen Saturday Market. The hempiest of holidays to you all! ColoradoHempEd.org

Jackie Chenoweth