Help your community by completing census

You have likely heard announcements about the 2020 census, but it may not have been a top priority for you given all the distractions in our lives right now. I would like to draw attention to this important matter as it has the real potential to improve our community and state: I encourage you to participate in the 2020 census.

In our data-driven world, good population information is the foundation for many decisions that government and businesses make. From the town of Basalt analyzing the sufficiency of different land uses in relation to our population, our school district making decisions to avoid future classroom crowding, consultants conducting feasibility studies for a new performing arts center, and our nonprofits evaluating needs and gaps for the services they provide, data provided by the census is all around us.

The results of the census may even give Colorado an extra seat in Congress, strengthening our voice and ensuring access to around $13 billion every year in federal funding for community services. It has even been estimated that for every person who does not complete the census, the state will lose $2,300 per year.

You can complete the census on your phone, tablet, or computer, in about 10 minutes. All you have to do is go to COVID-19 has meant that the deadline for completing the census is a moving target, but the current deadline is Oct. 5. Everyone deserves to be represented in the census, regardless of citizenship, age, or any other factor.

Thank you to everyone who has completed their census!

Bill Kane

Mayor, Basalt