Help Maintain the “Crown Jewel” of the Mid-Valley!” |

Help Maintain the “Crown Jewel” of the Mid-Valley!”

Crown Mountain Park is an integral part of midvalley life

As I leave Crown Mountain Park for the second time today, (morning dog walk with friends and afternoon tennis with more friends), I think how blessed we are to have such a unique space where so many people from the local community can come to congregate and share in the beauty and recreation it has to offer. The park is buzzing with activity.

My wife and I refer to the park as a “community magnet” as it draws together so many people from so many diverse interests and backgrounds. Just a few of the activities I see going on as I exit are a game of horseshoes, kite flying, model airplane flying, dog walking, people walking, volleyball, tennis, biking, basketball and playground use. When you combine all these activities with the organized sports of youth soccer, youth lacrosse, youth baseball and so many other sports, special events and family gatherings. it becomes clear to see what a vital roll Crown Mountain Park plays in our community. Many kids have learned how to ride their bikes in the park and held their birthday parties there. It is such an integral part of so many midvalley lives.

For less than the average cost of a good pair of running shoes, more like just the cost of one of those shoes, the “Save Crown Mountain Park” ballot May 8 is asking us to step up to the plate and support our park’s future. There is no recreation center on this ballot, just a request to raise enough money on an annual basis to be able to maintain and operate the park as its infrastructure ages, and to build up some capital reserves for big-ticket items when needed. Roads don’t pave themselves, nor do broken irrigation lines, of which there about 7 miles of in the park. The money is needed to keep the park in a clean, healthy state on a daily basis, and to ensure its viability in the future. It needs our support.

I would urge those of us that use the park to vote “yes” on 7A on or before May 8, to ensure that this midvalley crown jewel doesn’t become tarnished from neglect over the coming years!

Peter Dolan


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