Help Eagle County Open Space with ‘yes’ on 1A |

Help Eagle County Open Space with ‘yes’ on 1A

Since 2004, Eagle County’s Open Space program has been investing in conservation projects in our midvalley, often partnering with Pitkin County, Aspen Valley Land Trust, the Roaring Fork Conservancy, the town of Basalt and other conservation-minded organizations. The Glassier Open Space and Grange Ranch and Emma Farms conservation easements are some examples of critical midvalley landscapes saved by these partnerships. Perhaps the biggest threat to both wildlife, and local food production, in our area is the ongoing suburban sprawl that increases human congestion into the open areas between the valley’s towns. And our best mechanism for avoiding this sprawl is to acquire conservation easements and public ownership of the remaining open lands. If you are an Eagle County resident, please vote “yes” on 1A to extend the Eagle County’s Open Space program by a further 15 years.

Dale Will