Healthy living without plastic |

Healthy living without plastic

Los Angeles-area people drive enough miles daily to go from Earth to Mars. We go through some 20 billion disposable diapers annually — enough to stretch to the moon and back some seven times. Plasticized diapers have impacted our landfills since their invention in 1961. Cotton diapers, usually used about 100 times each, will break down in some one to six months.

In the USA, only about 10% of our toxic waste is disposed of properly. Over 7 million tons of trash is dumped into our world oceans yearly. That averages over 2 pounds of ocean garbage per humanoid per year. A little over a decade ago, world oceans had plastic floating garbage averaging about one piece per every 24 square feet of water surface. Ocean floating plastic is now averaging about one piece per every seven square feet.

Americans each receive over 12 pounds of junk mail annually. We produce almost 6 pounds of garbage daily. Over the last generation, U.S. cities have lost more than half of their landfills.

Styrofoam is a polystyrene foam made of the known carcinogen benzene. Its gasses are depleting Earth’s ozone layer and it is deadly to most water life and birds. It’s non-biodegradable and can’t/won’t go away in landfills for over 500 years.

Please say goodbye to plastic diapers and Styrofoam. Say goodbye to single-use plastics. Say hello to biodegradable products, to recycling, and to keeping our Earth and its oceans healthy.

Earthlings are endeavoring to make it to the moon and Mars in the near future. We may have to.

Doc Philip