Healthy Community Fund improves the lives of all in the area |

Healthy Community Fund improves the lives of all in the area

Please vote Yes on Ballot Initiative 1A to renew the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund. This fund provides critical support for 70 essential non-profit organizations who are working to ensure social, emotional, physical and economic well-being for all of us.

Valley Settlement is one of the organizations receiving funding from the Healthy Community Fund. Valley Settlement works to empower immigrant families in the Roaring Fork Valley to improve their lives. Healthy Community Fund dollars support Valley Settlement’s programming centered on educating and empowering parents, school readiness, elementary school achievement and community engagement.

The Healthy Community Fund support not only our organization, but also the many organizations we partner with to achieve our mission and promote the well-being of our families, including connecting them with the services and resources they need to work toward their success and quality of life.

The Healthy Community Fund contributes to quality of life for all of us. Individual and public health; senior services; support for children, youth and families, disabled individuals and victims of sexual and domestic abuse; legal assistance; and many other services supported by the Healthy Community Fund make Pitkin County a better place to live and work.

I urge you to vote yes on 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund.

Elaine Grossman

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Valley Settlement