Health more important than political views

As a medical provider, I am getting concerned about medical care being denied to people because they have not been vaccinated with one of the novel COVID-19 vaccines or they have differing views on the pandemic or politics in general.

Your story “Aspen company refuses to give COVID test to conservative activist; owners stand behind decision” got my attention. My patients disagree with me frequently. They don’t lose weight, continue using alcohol, fast food, don’t exercise, don’t take their medications as prescribed, don’t check their blood sugar, have different views on COVID-19, vaccines or politics, I could go on. Do I deny them care? No. I try to meet them where they are. They are not in a place to do these things, but when they are, I will be there to partner with them.

We cannot help people if we turn them away. I hear about how this is a profession of heroes, but people will not see us as such if we start turning them away in their time of need. It is considered abandonment of our patients when we do this.

Candace Owens should not have been denied a COVID-19 test. She was doing the responsible thing to see if she was positive. If the owner of the testing facility cared about the community, wouldn’t she want Candace to get tested and quarantine herself?

The owner also was aware of Candace’s race prior to her ever entering the facility. It is hard to know why she was actually turned away. Whether it was race or politics, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on either race or political views and it is wrong to refuse care. As a woman of color myself, I hope I am not treated this way just as the owner of this testing facility would not want to be turned away from medical care when she needs it. Let’s be civil and kind.

Maria Caro

Aurora, Colorado