Headline tricked me into reading column

I am writing concerning the article titled “Kavanaugh lied, and he is not fit to serve” by John Colson. I was intrigued by the headline, expecting the column to discuss the lie and to perhaps reveal evidence of the lie and, if this was the case, I would feel that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is certainly not qualified to be on the Supreme Court. I was expecting to read about the lie and even to see some corroborating evidence of the lie; after reading the column twice there was no mention of a particular lie let alone any evidence. I did read that the judge had facial tics and that he went to a private prep school, and that he must have come from a rich family to afford the school and that his grandfather went to Yale, assuming that is the reason the judge was accepted, even though Yale strongly denied that his grandfather had anything to do with his acceptance. Are we to believe that because Judge Kavanaugh has a physical disability and possibly comes from a rich family and his grandfather went to Yale that he is not qualified? The relevant part of my letter regards the bait and switch in which the headline promised a topic but was switched in the body of the article. As I recall from freshman English, the body of the article is supposed to discuss the headline. I was very surprised that this got past the copywriter of The Aspen Times.

Donald Norris