Have a little class while outside

Everyone wants the schools to open in the fall with in-person instruction — safely! We’ve heard many ideas about how to do this by using masks, handwashing, testing, smaller class sizes (which should become the norm), staggered schedules, extending the school year.

Yes, children are at lower risk of becoming sick from COVID-19, but what happens when the kid comes home from school and jumps in grandma’s lap? And how about the teachers? A lotta them aren’t gonna go back to work and that’s bad news for Colorado, which is already experiencing a teacher shortage because the state ranks 30th in the nation in teacher pay.

We shouldn’t be surprised virtual learning got off to a rough start. It’s something new and a lotta parents aren’t accustomed to enforcing study hours at home, let alone requiring the children to stare at a laptop listening to a teacher drone on. Parents and teachers need come together to perfect online instruction and make it interesting to the students.

An idea that hasn’t gotten much attention is moving classes outside. Scientists say you’re much less likely to be infected outdoors. Most schools have plenty of real estate; sports fields, parking lots, etc. Just put the desks and chairs out there and spread them out. Canopies could be put up on rainy days. Snow days would be more frequent.

Fred Malo Jr.