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Hauenstein’s experience is on Aspen’s side

The Aspen City Council is in transition with probably one seat being filled by a Next Generation candidate. All of those running for office are right on the issues but, only one has actual on the job experience — Ward Hauenstein.

Why is this important now? To be effective, the council has to function as a team; a free-for-all or excessively divisive environment results in poor governance.

Consider that Aspen has a budget of about $140 million, and that is not pocket change. The city immediately faces hard choices as it confronts a plethora of reoccurring choices (affordable housing, environment, etc.) as well as maintaining its small-town values and rebuilding the tourist economy that is its lifeblood, square in the middle of the most uncertain times in memory.

It need not be empathized, this is not just another election where the resulting council has time to get its bearings, take the training wheels off and eventually get down to business. The crisis on multiple fronts is now. As a new group of leaders emerges, it is critical that a solid foundation exists for them on day one (and the remaining members of council have not demonstrated that measure of solidarity).

Ward alone among the candidates has proven skills in public office as a team builder and one who leads by the example of preparedness and pragmatic reasoning. He deserves your consideration and a vote for a second term.

Neil Siegel



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