Hauenstein is an effective Aspen leader

We have a great lineup of candidates for Aspen City Council. I am grateful that we have folks who are concerned and committed enough to take on the difficult and sometimes thankless job of guiding our town.

The Aspen Times has done a good job in letting us hear their voices and positions on a number of important issues. So I hope Aspen residents will consider and vote.

The continuity and experience that Ward Hauenstein will give to council is important in the balance we seek in this group that represents us. He has shown that he works with everyone on council to solve the issues before them. Throughout the pandemic he has reached out to local people and businesses to ask what the city could do to help. While the city can’t do everything to ease the difficulties we are experiencing, it is good to be heard, and Ward made sure council was aware of what was going on with the citizenry.

Ward has done our computer servicing and been our outside IT guy at the Ute Mountaineer for many years. So I see the kind of person that he is on a regular basis. And that person is one who will listen (as I’ve said), show up in after hours and in emergencies, and is a great problem solver.

That’s why he has been so effective on council over the past four years. Please consider a vote for Ward to let his experience and good judgment continue to benefit us all.

Bob Wade