Hating Trump means you hate good things

So you hate Donald Trump, thus logically you also must hate: The significant tax cuts for individual Americans and corporations, the possibility of a de-nuclearized North Korea and some unity on the Korean Peninsula, and the lowest unemployment for minorities in recorded history. Certainly you hate a GDP that had been a static average of 1.2 percent growth per year for eight years prior to 2016, to a whopping 4.2 percent now? How about those veterans who protect us? Veterans are now actually receiving immediate medical attention, when needed, due to a major reformation of the VA system. Formerly many untouchable, unaccountable bad apples could not be fired. Such a loss. Certainly you hate the possibility of prison reform and the vocational training of some 5 million Americans? No need for this! Optimism is rising, salaries are increasing for the first time in decades, entrepreneurial endeavors and small businesses are measurably up. Such a mess. We must resist. This is the tip of the iceberg. How will we survive? Let’s return to the good old days.

Camilla Sparlin