Hassig for Carbondale Town Trustee

Carbondale is voting for a new crop of Town Trustees on April 5. The deep candidate pool reflects the strength of the Carbondale community; we are lucky that so many thoughtful and committed people are willing to serve, including two incumbents who have already dedicated a lot of time and passion to the town.

Among the strong field, Chris Hassig stands out. Chris and I have known each other since childhood, both fortunate to grow up in Carbondale.

Chris grasps many of the tensions facing Carbondale. He loves the town for its foundational values and amazing environment, but realizes the need for creative, thoughtful policy changes to promote affordable housing, equity and sustainability. Chris has a strong understanding of development, design and how the built environment impacts individual behavior and community feel. He has a unique ability to look at development plans and translate them into three-dimensional reality. His design literacy will be a key asset as he will push developers and fellow Trustees to achieve sustainable, human-centered development. Chris is also an artist and understands how the art community is intertwined with Carbondale’s core and how hard it is for an artist to afford to stay here. Chris is humble, a great listener, and has a good sense of humor.

There is not much time left — the election is April 5. Please cast one of your votes for Chris Hassig.

Tarn Udall