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Has CDOT gone off the rails?

I thought the same thing Tuesday that Steve Skinner mentioned in his commentary piece “Quick takes: hot springs, Pence and housing” (July 30, Aspen Daily News).

Highway 82 has massive potholes, fault line-like cracks and expansion gaps missing surrounding road deck, but the Colorado Department of Transportation is replacing miles of guardrail starting in Glenwood Springs?

The upvalley portion they have been replacing for weeks is not even that mangled. The road there is pretty flat and straight. I have seen much worse guardrail in the Shale Bluffs area and around Aspen Village, where it looks like a giant can opener was unleashed on the railing.

Maybe CDOT will get to potholes in the offseason? You know, when it is colder, snowy, wet and ideal conditions for laying down hot petroleum-based road material. Wasn’t that the problem with the Castle Creek bridge decking last fall? Asphalt laid in cold conditions that immediately went to hell.

“No, officer I have not been drinking, I was swerving to avoid all the potholes, and yes, I was going 10 mph over the posted limit and getting passed like I was standing still! But am I in the correct lane, because I think it’s illegal for cars to pass me in the right lane, so I drive in the right lane since that is how it is done in the rest of the country!”

John Norman