‘Has Been, Colorado’

Have you heard of the Aspen of old

When snow fell in winter and days were cold

When the fragrance of summer was spruce and pines

And the streets were dirt, without any stop signs

Have you seen the Aspen of today

It’s hard to do with cars in the way

And so many people milling around

Oh, what became of this little town

When more and more is never enough

When prices soar for even the cheapest stuff

When traffic into town has no visible end

When traffic out stretches past Original bend

Then Aspen ain’t Aspen at all anymore

Her beauty’s been sold, like a silver era whore

And locals and tourists are all out of luck

What once cost a dime now costs more than a buck

This summer Aspen has succumbed to greed

A tragedy of beauty, Aspen’s obit will read

Wherever you’re from, across the nation

Prepare to be stressed by an Aspen vacation

You might tell me, if you don’t like it, leave

And I won’t disagree because I do believe

I’m a newcomer around these here parts

1955 is when my Aspen story starts

I miss a lot from those bygone times

There was no traffic, no carping in rhymes

Aspen was simply a simpler place

And yep, there was always a parking space

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek