Hartzell has CMC’s best interests in mind

Bob Hartzell is running for trustee of Colorado Mountain College and I am happy to support him. I have had the honor of serving as trustee for eight years in this seat representing Lake County, and I am term limited.

I have known Bob and his family for over 30 years in Leadville. He has always been active in education, the community and the college. With his experience and wonderful history in Leadville, he will make a great addition to the board of trustees.

In the past eight years our college, with the excellent leadership of Dr. Carrie Hauser, her team and our campus VP Dr. Rachel Pokrandt, I have seen many innovative successes. Just this year there has been a 26% enrollment growth at the Timberline campus at a time when most colleges are celebrating if their numbers are flat. Our residence hall has only six open beds compared with 60 three years ago. In the spring 2019 graduation the Leadville Campus conferred 202 degrees and certificates compared to 158 last year (a 43% increase).

I believe Bob will take this opportunity to support and work for our college, district wide, placing CMC as one of the best colleges in the country.

Bob has experience as a teacher in Lake County High School, in management at Ski Cooper, with over 20 years of employment at Colorado Mountain College in various capacities, and five years as president and executive director of the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. In the time between these positions and now he has a great perspective of governance. He also has held elected office as a city councilman and mayor pro-tem. This provides a great background and credibility to his talent to become a trustee for CMC.

I believe Bob has the expertise to expand and improve on the many opportunities for our school, our students and our community. Please vote for Bob Hartzell district wide to become a new trustee.

Pat Chlouber


Letter to the Editor