Harassed for using public roads in Eagle County

Roaring Fork Valley residents should push back with the facts on those who are trying to privatize two of our scenic public roads. The roads are Cedar Drive, above Basalt, and Taylor Creek Road, off Frying Pan Road, both in Eagle County.

Locals have accosted me while I was walking on Cedar Drive, a great exercise hike, and falsely claimed that I was trespassing on a private road. In fact, Eagle County has a dedicated, public right of way on Cedar Drive until it reaches the state-owned land of the Basalt State Wildlife Area, an Eagle County engineering official wrote to me.

It is a public-access road, even though the county does not maintain it. Yet some locals have planted a home-made sign proclaiming it a private road. I give the sign an “A” for artistry and an “F” for accuracy.

A few weeks ago, two friends were harangued and berated by a man for walking on Taylor Creek Road. He falsely claimed that they were trespassing on a private road.

A Forest Service official in the Sopris Ranger District informed me in writing that the Forest Service had an access easement for public use on Taylor Creek Road. It connects to Forest Service Road 510, which is a beautiful hike in a secluded valley, up to the former Peace Ranch.

Road users should call the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department, if they feel that they are being harassed, the official said. I would advise the same for Cedar Drive.

Bernie Grauer