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Hamas’ mission is to kill and destroy

Hamas’ mission is to kill and destroy

A few points that Cathleen Krahe (“Hamas is hardly evil,” Aug. 3, 2014, letters, The Aspen Times) and Michael Levengood (“Look at Israel’s role, letters, Aug. 5, 2014, The Aspen Times) should consider:

First, war is a nasty business, with sad collateral damage, and not a football game with tidy rules and a gentlemanly view of not “running up the score.”

It is messy, deadly and unpredictable.

Second, the consequence of war, including collateral damage, falls to those who initiate wars.

Pick a fight … then expect to get punched.

Hamas initiated this war, and the three before it.

Hamas is a violent group with openly stated intentions of destroying Israel. And Hamas leaders are quite willing to allow their own people to suffer collateral damage in the process. Indeed, they intentional about it for the press benefits!

The leadership of Hamas largely lives quite affluently in Qatar, not in Gaza.

And that leadership has chosen to use its financial resources to buy weapons and dig tunnels, not to invest in infrastructure and community benefits.

Hamas has no true interest in the people of Gaza. It only has an interest in its radical views being imposed on others.

Hamas wants to kill people — Jews especially — but others, as well.

Hamas has no values other than to kill and destroy.

They say so — openly and for the record!

Why do Cathleen and Michael not believe them?

James DeFrancia


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