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Hamas’ actions meant to provoke Israel

The indiscriminate launching of uncontrolled rockets against the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel by Hamas in Gaza is a war crime like the World War II Nazi buzz bombing of Britain.

Hamas, the Islamist terror organization, used grievances over the evictions of Palestinians from their long-time Jerusalem homes and heavy-handed police actions at the holy Muslim Al Aqsa compound as a pretext to gain advantage over the competing Palestinian Authority.

It was a calculated, internal political decision to launch a disproportionate, deadly barrage on all Israeli civilians, not just military targets, which is an internationally recognized war crime.

The Hamas leaders knew that such a massive attack would provoke a massive Israeli retaliation, subjecting Gaza to wide spread destruction and loss of life.

Israel’s targeted reprisal attacks were justified after the untargeted bombardment of the entire country.

This conflict is not a simplistic “right” versus “wrong” issue. Both Palestinians and Israelis have legitimate claims and both have inflicted grievous harms on the other.

“This violence, redefined as another Israel-Hamas war, is all upside for the extremists (on both side)] and all downside for the forces of negotiated compromise and peaceful coexistence,” according to Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Brookings Center for Middle East Policy.

President Joe Biden’s support for the right of the Jewish State of Israel to exist among Middle Eastern Islamic autocracies is correct. It is in keeping with our values and our security interests.

His quiet, but firm, diplomacy with Israel to find a peaceful resolution is the right path for the United States to follow.

Bernie Grauer