Gun laws are shameful |

Gun laws are shameful

The three words that Republicans use after every mass shooting is “thoughts and prayers.” Maybe they should adopt three new words — “stop the murders.”

But they will not. How can they justify the need for anyone, let alone an 18-year-old, to own AR-15s or similar firearms? Semi-automatic rifles are designed for one thing: to efficiently kill people. You don’t go hunting with semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, unless the game being sought is people.

It is obvious that the plague of mass-murders will continue because the politicians who should stop the slaughter do not give a damn.

In Colorado an 18-year-old can purchase rifles and other long guns, AR-15s included, and if 21 they can purchase handguns. Twenty-one-year-olds can get a concealed handgun permit without giving a reason why they want it. With some exceptions (Denver) no permit is required to openly carry firearms; this would include AR-15s. Colorado does ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds — 15 kills per magazine. However, if the killer has practiced, could he change and replace his magazine in under 10 seconds? I think he could.

The bottom line is that Colorado has stricter gun laws than most states. But we still allow the ownership of semi-automatic rifles and vote for people like Lauren Boebert into office. We should be ashamed of ourselves, or at least embarrassed.

Dick Hampleman