Gun lobby has the GOP in its clutches |

Gun lobby has the GOP in its clutches

Background checks are supported by 77% of Republicans and 84% of all voters as well as the police (Morning Consult, poll conducted March 6 to 8). And yet Republican representatives are unified against background checks.

Why? Because they are indentured servants of the gun lobby and right-wing white supremacists. They also oppose the controlled ban on military assault rifles and high-capacity clips. Why? For the same reason, plus to them money and power are more important than human life.

We have Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Colorado’s own Lauren Boebert posing with their beloved assault rifles, because they too want to keep the right-wing supremacist’s vote. Military assault rifles are designed for one thing, to provide fire power to kill people. Assault rifles are not designed for hunting, and because of their rapid discharge, penetrating power, and slug velocities, they are the wrong weapon for self-protection. If used for home protection walls are no more than paper to the to their power, family members and innocent bystanders are in the line of fire if in adjacent rooms, apartments or just walking their dogs down the street.

To the cheers of assault rifle owners, a Boulder judge struck down the ban of assault rifles there March 12. The Boulder court action was heinous, but the killer was from a neighboring town, so it made no difference. That is why assault rifles, high-capacity clips, mandatory background checks and mandatory waiting periods after arms purchases should be passed both nationally and by the states.

Officer Eric Talley’s bravery no doubt saved lives. His training and bravery were overshadowed by facing a weapon with firepower designed to kill. We owe Office Talley and all those who have died in mass shootings more than our platitudes. Officer Talley was a good man; we owe him change.

Richard Hampleman


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