Guide us home, Ann

I had the unique pleasure of serving with Ann Mullins on our City Council during the four-year period from 2013 to 2017. Ann’s calm, focused, intelligent and almost spiritual presence caused the council to enact and implement some of the more significant programs and regulations of the past 20 years.

The new, single location City Hall along Rio Grande Place is finally under way (subject to further design review), and is going to achieve and serve the broad range of municipal purposes that we have sought for so long. By unifying city services, the government in Aspen will be more efficient and convenient.

Ann was integral in down-zoning the commercial core to eliminate further penthouse development and to encourage a broader and more modern range of commercial uses. Additionally, she has great ideas for making it easier for locals to run their businesses.

Ann’s strong environmental spirit and objectives are going to play a critical role in our community’s future. Climate change is upon us, and its diverse elements are going to present a unique challenge for all. Courageous and creative leadership like that Ann has shown over and over will be essential.

Finally, our unique affordable-housing program, particularly its regulatory structure, needs close and strong-minded attention. This has always been one of Ann’s primary concerns, and I believe her balanced perspective will play a critical role in the process and ultimately the affordable housing program’s long-term success.

So to Mayor Ann Mullins I say this: “Guide us home, Aspen girl, to the place where we belong.”

Art Daily