Groundhog Day with Torre |

Groundhog Day with Torre

Last Thursday during Squirm Night, when asked to explain his numerous “yes” votes for commercial buildings in the central core, Torre’s dismissive response was that they “were in a very different time.” That is like saying, “Well, I didn’t kill anyone recently.”

Those buildings will be standing for a long time, so Torre should not be allowed to disavow this history with a back-of-the-hand comment. The least he can do, having admitted to the accuracy of his voting record, is try to explain his obvious pro-development flip-flop. Torre’s acolytes only amplify his inconsistency by using falsehoods to wrongly point fingers at others in the race.

While generally in hibernation, Torre reappears at election time (and he needs a job). He is Aspen’s equivalent to Punxsutawney Phil, with an important difference. At least we know what the groundhog stands for.

Neil B. Siegel