Gridlock OK, but shiny tents an Aspen blight |

Gridlock OK, but shiny tents an Aspen blight

It is wonderful that the city of Aspen has a provision “that temporary structures should not be reflective or shiny” and that “the land-use code and the commercial design standards and guidelines were written to reflect the community’s desire to generally prohibit, and if allowed, permit only the temporary use of fabric or tent like enclosures.” (Dec. 18, Aspen Daily News).

Yet the city does nothing to minimize the 20- to 40-minute backup of traffic to get the last mile or so into town from the Aspen Business Center. Oh, yes, it is important for the town to look so pristine while ignoring the feces fest that is the working-class traffic into the lovely “no shiny tents” town. Oh, yeah, the upper-class second-home (or third-home) owners also sit in that traffic when they land at the airport and are then chauffeured into town. It’s like I and them are equal if only for those 20 to 40 minutes … not really, I guess.

I’m in a Prius and they are in Escalades and Rovers! Enjoy the ride … or idle wait.

John Norman