Green washing the Aspen airport

Dear Pitkin County commissioners,

I will make this short. If you do not move the runway to the west, you must move the taxiway to the east. Correct? If you move the taxiway to the east, you must move general aviation to the north. Correct? If you move general aviation north (or north on the west side), you will require hundreds of private jets to taxi at least half a mile farther to park, and half a mile farther to taxi back to take off. (About a mile total and five to seven minutes of additional taxi time.) Correct? Thousands of operations per year. Correct?

Do you realize that a taxiing Gulfstream uses almost the amount of fuel taxiing as it does flying at altitude? Do you realize that a Gulfstream V uses 373 gallons of fuel per hour? Add that CO2 to your “green airport” calculations!

If you must, just move the runway. But please, think about what the ramifications are of the decision you are about to make.

Cliff Runge