Green-washing in Aspen |

Green-washing in Aspen

Gunnison, Glenwood Springs, and Aspen are supplied wind electricity by the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) through their “renewable resource pool.” Wind, which is only 11% of MEAN’s energy portfolio, has been 100% subscribed by these three cities, telling their ratepayers that they are now 100% supplied with renewable energy.

This may sound true if you only dig a millimeter into its false veneer. When MEAN’s electricity arrives at municipal substations it is a mix of dirty and clean electrons, all passed through and into your local grid. None of these cities get 100% renewable energy until MEAN generates 100% renewable energy. This is nothing but green-washing brought to you by the state of Nebraska that has no energy efficiency standards, no renewable energy portfolio standards and no climate action plan.

MEAN’s draft integrated resource plan is out for public review. This IRP has been in the works for five years with little public input and the review period is only 24 days, making it even harder for the public to comment. The MEAN IRP can be viewed at: and comments made at: Comments must be received by 3 p.m. May 14 .

The draft IRP shows that 54% of MEAN’s energy portfolio is coal today and is projected to be 50% in 2038, but somehow, with no roadmap for ratepayers to view, the utility thinks it will be 100% renewable by 2050. MEAN has no clue as to how it will become a clean utility by this date and neither do ratepayers.

Please comment on the IRP and tell your City Council that they participate in their own green-washing. Elect council people who commit to a truly clean energy supply and are willing to quickly mitigate and prepare for climate change.

Steve Schechter